Soulmates by Shaila Patel

Laxshmi Kapadia, pronounced ‘luck-shmee’, is a normal Indian-American high school student with an ultra traditional mother who is just trying to survive everyday life while trying not to think about her mother’s ultimatum of going to medical school early or marrying some guy she’s never met. She’s had to quit dancing, her one joy, and talking to boys is out of the question with her mom monitoring her cellphone calls and text messages— not that Lucky would anyway since she feels like she wouldn’t draw any high school boy’s attention anyway… and then a cute guy moves next door and starts talking to her at school and everything changes.

Liam Whelan, an 18 year old Irish royal empath has been looking for his soulmate since he was six years old and actively searching since he was twelve years old with the help of his father’s visions. With only certain clues as to who exactly this soulmate is he doesn’t have much choice but to essentially hop from state to state and girl to girl to see if she’s The One. Not only does this soulmate have to hit every requirement in the visions but she also has to emerge as an empath herself or else Liam will never be able to be with her or to even tell her about the secret society of empaths that exist side by side with normal society.

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Review— American Assassin by Vince Flynn

Mitch Rapp has been waiting for ages for some government organization to pick him up and try to recruit him to one of their secret missions. Ever since the death of his girlfriend in the Pan Am Lockerbie terrorist attack all Mitch has been doing is training himself to be the best of the best in order to take out the people responsible for his world crashing around him.

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Review— How To Hang A Witch by Adriana Mather

Samantha Mather, a descendant of Cotton Mather– one of the most prolific writers of witchcraft that led to the hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials– moves to Salem, Mass following the transfer of her sick father to a specialist hospital in Boston, Salem being the place Mr. Mather grew up in. When Sam gets to Salem and starts school she is met with an odd sense of disapproval due to her heritage and being descended from Cotton Mather. As it is she happens to go to school with The Descendants, so called that because they are the descendants of the women and men that Cotton Mather, as well as other people, had hanged during the Trials.

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The Infinity Ring by James Dashner

Middle Grade

Hello and welcome to my first ever post for Middle-Grade Monday! So, I just came from an awesome time at BookCon 2017 and as my Instagram posts probably show I had a blast! I won’t bore you with the details but I’ll probably post a link to our Book Haul sometime soon either to Twitter or Instagram. Now to get started on the review for The Infinity Ring: A Mutiny in Time by James Dashner.

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I’m Alive and Well




It’s been a literal year since I last posted on my blog and for that I’m truly sorry! Depression is a hell of a drug! (insert sad laugh track here). But don’t you worry, my lovely book aficionados, I am once again back at it! This time I have a schedule and a theme going for more consistent posting. Read below to see what my schedule will look like starting June of this year!

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May Wrap Up

Even though May isn’t over I’m going to post the wrap up before I forget to do it. This month has been ridiculously productive for me and I’ve managed to read a lot more than my usual.

May, it seems, was the month of audiobooks for me. I managed to listen to a total of four books and loved all of them! I didn’t think I would actually enjoy audiobooks because every other time I’ve listened to them in the past I’ve fallen asleep. It turns out that if you’re one of those people that needs to be sitting down to read a book that maybe audiobooks might be best while you’re doing something productive like cleaning or working out.

I actually listened to Lightning Thief and Sea of Monsters within four days while on the bus and walking. These were fairly quick and I liked the voice actor for it; my only complaint is that the voice actor changed the way he pronounced Thalia’s name from one book to the other. As a Spanish speaker I liked how he pronounced it in the first book: exactly how it’s spelled. In the second book he pronounced it as Thay-lia and it messed with my head a little. I won’t be doing reviews for any Percy Jackson book because they are my ‘for fun’ books– no note taking, no analyzing, no figuring out what the ultimate goal is… though it should be noted that Percy is as much a sass machine as advertised.

I started Magonia as I decided to clean my bookshelves on Wednesday and so far I like it though I don’t know how I feel about it because the premise is so good (magical bird people!), but the delivery is a little iffy. I love the main characters and I’m hoping (probably in vain) that there isn’t a love triangle between Aza, the human cutie Jason, and the bird-boy cutie Dai. Aza started off so strong and now that she’s being introduced to a new world she seems like a shell of her former self. Well, I have another four hours of listening to look forward to as well as the sequel so I can form my opinions on Aza and the others then. Look out in the next two weeks for a review of Magonia.

I got this book on a whim last month mostly because I follow the publishing company on Instagram. I absolutely loved it and won’t say more on it because I will be putting up a review of it within the week. I will be reading the sequel to this book, New World: Ashes, on my flight to Minnesota since it comes out on the same day.

Delirium by Lauren Oliver was from the beginning a good book but I felt that the more I read the longer this book seemed to get. Pretty soon having to read this turned out to be a chore and I stopped reading it (that’s when I became obsessed with the audiobooks). This is the first book of the year that I’ll have to DNF but not permanently; I think I’ll pick it up again (either in audiobook format or the actual book because the Ebook isn’t doing anything for me).


Here’s a look at what the summer will look like for me:

Happy reading!


Book Haul Addiction- A Confession

IMG_1514 (1)

This might not come to a surprise to anyone but I absolutely love buying books. I’m aware that I can only read so many books and that I only have so much space in my corner of the room for only so many books…. but it’s like an addiction I can’t get rid of. As it is this post is going to be image heavy and full of my latest book shopping frenzy the last couple of months. It’s not as bad as other people’s book-buying addiction but it’s certainly a little daunting considering what little space I have for the books I currently have let alone more.

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Bookburners Episode 1 by Max Gladstone

This is my first time reading a serial and I’m so glad I started with something like this. Bookburners brings back memories of watching the TNT Librarian movies along with reading the Robert Langdon books. It reminds me of eating lunch at my grandma’s house while listening to the soap operas on the radio (we lived in Dominican Republic and radio serials were a big deal when I was seven years old and living in the countryside). It reminds me of watching a really good episode of a tv show that I really loved and being upset I couldn’t watch all the episodes one after the other (thank you, Netflix, for making that possible for binge-watchers!).

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The Martian by Andy Weir


I generally don’t start off by giving away the amount of stars I give a book but let’s get that out of the way for now; I give this book 5 stars out of 5. I had very little complaints about this book and the story or of anything that was going on throughout the three days that I read it between work and laundry and general house cleaning.

Weir starts off by pointing out that the main character of the book, Mark Watney, astronaut, botanist, and mechanical engineer to Ares 3 (the third manned mission to Mars, is not dead. He is very much alive and very much stranded on the red planet due to a dust storm that was strong enough to detach an antenna from the communications array and impaled him with. All the rest of his teammates saw was Watney get impaled and blown away by the dust and wind. If getting impaled hadn’t killed him then probably losing pressure on his suit would have so there was no point in endangering the rest of the Ares 3 crew when they too could be stuck on Mars.

Watney comes to the realization that he’ll have to live long enough for Ares 4 to come pick him up in five years’ time. For that he has to stay alive long enough for that to be possible. He needs food, water, and other things in order to survive and it’s a lucky thing that he has enough food from the rest of the crew since they won’t be eating it. He begins to log all of his experiences (what the reader is reading) in order for some future archeologist or NASA mission to be able to learn from him and what it was like for him before he dies on the planet.

I went through a roller coaster ride as Watney tried everything possible to just survive one more day in a planet that seemed to be so set on killing him every single step of the way. A good chunk of the science I couldn’t wrap my head around and I was super glad that Watney dumbed it down enough so that the common folk that weren’t NASA engineers could know what the hell he was doing on Mars. The book kept me at the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading it and I don’t know how Watney just kept his cool the entire time he was going through all this considering that everything just seemed to go wrong whenever he fixed it.

I’ll be watching the movie (and reviewing that, too), to see just how Hollywood imagined the characters in this book. It was so amazing and I don’t want the big screen to ruin all the images I had in my brain for it.

I would recommend this book to any space enthusiast. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a good edge of your seat story where you don’t know whether they’ll be a happily ever after or not (after all, rations can only last so long before they run out and you have to start thinking about eating your hand or something). I would recommend this book to anyone that judged it by its cover (like I did). I would recommend this book for everyone and anyone that just wants to sit down and be immersed in science that’s explained in such a way that you understand exactly what’s going on without feeling dumb.

Complaints about this book:

  1. Andy Weir/Mark Watney, I don’t think ghetto means what you think it means. It’s irritating and jarring to see it in the middle of my reading when Mark says “I’ll have to build a ghetto whatever.” Bro, not cool.
  2. Would have liked to see more reactions from the public and not just NASA and other scientists.

Things I’ve noticed and loved:

  1. Teddy’s OCD and how he had to have all his papers and books aligned with his desk.
  2. Mitch Henderson’s total devotion to the Ares 3 crew and keeping them in the loop at all times and being the guy that wanted to rescue Watney.
  3. China National Space Administration
  4. Rich Purnell is a genius
  5. Mindy Park being a space paparazzi/interplanetary voyeur. She’s obviously the hero in this book. Without her no one would even know about Watney. She was shy once upon a time but then she became the go-to gal for Mark Watney updates.
  6. The names of the places on Mars as well as the names of the equipment. I loved the map at the beginning and I loved knowing exactly where Mark was at all times and how exactly he was going to get from one place to the next. (Map blatantly taken from Google images).


10/10 would totally read this again. I suggest you read it as much as possible and then lend the book to your friends so that they can understand the awesomeness that is this book.