Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

I thought it only appropriate to start my first ever post on this blog by reviewing the first book I read this year. It all started when a friend of mine had to take a trip to Philadelphia for an audition for The Voice and I decided to bring coloring books for entertainment and a crappy book for reading. Let’s just say that I didn’t color much and I gave up on the book nearly thirty pages in because it was so horrible that I couldn’t even make disgusted noises at my friends with my rage. I ended up making little penguins out of pretty card stock I had in my backpack (because that’s how I roll!) and noticed that my friend had a nice looking book sitting next to her that she wasn’t reading. I put down my subpar paperback and started reading her book while she wasn’t looking.


Wedding Night is the story about a woman named Lottie, who after a horrendous scene at a restaurant where she was hoping to be asked to marry the guy she’s been dating for ages she learns that he just wanted to use his frequent flier miles to go out of the country. So enraged was Lottie that she wasn’t getting a ring– that the idea didn’t even cross her boyfriend’s mind to even propose– that she decided to end things right there. All within the first two chapters! Lottie was so distraught by the lack of proposal that when an old flame, that she hardly even remembers other than the fantastic sex they had, decides that they should get married she has absolutely no second thoughts about saying no. She jumps the gun and accepts the proposal right there from a guy that she hasn’t seen in fifteen years. She at least calls her sister, Fliss, to tell her the good news and Fliss promptly tells her that this is not a good idea. Fliss has had experience with Lottie’s ‘no good’ ideas after every break up she’s ever had. And if joining a cult and getting a tattoo or a piercing in a weird place didn’t give Lottie an idea that what she was doing was probably really stupid then nothing would. She obviously goes along with the wedding, even against her sister’s wish, no witnesses, and the fact that the wedding is so rushed because she wants to recreate her golden years of being a teenager and trying to get over the man she obviously loved.

The book alternates between the two sisters, which was great because if I had to read through more of Lottie’s stupid ideas and actions I would have ended up throwing the book across the room. Fliss brought a new perspective to the story. She was going through a divorce so she knew that Lottie’s sham of a marriage would only end up in tears and in her sister regretting it for the rest of her life or with a kid and bitter about everything (like Fliss). So Fliss sets out to destroy the marriage before it can be consummated, because she learned from her divorce lawyer that if there’s no sex then the marriage could disappear without the messy divorce. She ends up following her sister all the way to Greece in order to stop her. The actions Fliss takes to stop Lottie get so ridiculous that I began to wonder just why Fliss went through all this trouble when Lottie wasn’t even making any effort at all. Fliss takes such good care of her and Lottie is such a brat that I couldn’t even comprehend how she was a grown woman when she acted like a child a good chunk of the time.

As my first Sophie Kinsella book I was super disappointed. My friend raved on and on about how awesome Kinsella was that I just had to continue with the book to figure out when the awesome was going to start. It never got to the awesome part, in my opinion, and all I could do was cringe every single time Lottie, or even Fliss, did a ridiculous or soul-crushingly embarrassing thing. The second hand embarrassment was so strong in this book that it took me two months to read it! I just had to recover every single time Lottie or Fliss did something stupid and the weeks just passed by and I didn’t pick up the book but when I did pick it up I made sure to read enough to get through the next embarrassing part.

Overall I would say this book was a 3/5 stars because it didn’t suck all the way through but it wasn’t as awesome as I was promised either. I probably shouldn’t have started with this book to get a feel for Kinsella, but it was the latest book she wrote and I was hoping she would have honed her craft by then.


I bet you were all waiting for the spoilers or for how the book ends. Let me just say that it ends exactly how you expect it to end and that’s all I’m going to say about that (or at least it ended how I wanted it to end).

Happy reading,


2 thoughts on “Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

  1. Read this book last summer. I have read most of kinsella’s books but don’t quiet remember the plot a week after reading them. Read a lot of chic lit books so glad to see someone reviewing one. Sometimes I feel a bit inadequate when I see what other ppl are reading.

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