Three Days of Rain by Christine Hughes


I felt like this book was basically an answer to the question “how can I make a man be extremely miserable without actually killing him?” It was a question I did not want answered. It was a question that quite possibly brought me to tears.

Okay, I’m going to be honest and say that I didn’t start liking this book until about page 209. I hated Maddison and had hoped the entire time that she would disappear the entire time that anyone had a memory of her. She was an awful person and just the mention of her made me angry.

I’ve never really liked flashbacks but it works with the way this story was written. If I had to read this in chronological order I probably would have stopped reading a long time ago. The switching of points of view got a little confusing at times and it distracted from the story a bit, but I did like knowing what everyone was thinking.

It took a good while for me to start liking Lily. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m a city girl and I can’t stand nosy people but I found her pushy and unlikeable until everything started to fall into place.

I started reading this for the Facebook’s Summer Reads- Challenge 2014 book club. It’s not a book that I would pick up for myself if I saw it in a bookshelf, but that was the whole point of joining the club in the first place. I wanted to be out of my comfort zone and this book is certainly out of my comfort zone. It’s sad, hopeful, and it works through all of the problems in a way I wasn’t expecting, not to mention that the entire time I was rooting for someone to take a shot at Maddie for being such a jerk.

This book wasn’t what I was used to reading but I didn’t hate it. If I were able to give this 3.5 stars I would but I didn’t like it enough for it to be 4 stars. I would probably recommend this books to friends that enjoy contemporary works or friends that don’t mind crying a little over some characters.

My only questions for the author are these: Why the heck does Jake have to suffer so much? Do you not believe in HEA? What gave you the idea to make someone suffer so much? This dude literally has a cloud of misfortune hanging over him! I think he needs to get away from this place and go somewhere that doesn’t involve as much heartbreak as he endured. Goodness gracious.


3.5 out 5 stars, would recommend if you wanna feel better about how sucky your life is and just want to see someone suffer way worse than you are right now. This book does not have a happily ever after, it has a hopeful ending, but I’m pretty sure things will probably continue for Jake in the long run (his life seems to be one giant downward spiral).

Enjoy the tears,


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