Deadly Lampshades (Honey Driver #5) by JG Goodhind


I received this book as a Goodreads First Read book by Accent Press Ltd. I’m going to start off by saying that I signed up for this giveaway because I loved the cover so much and I thought it was going to be about knitting. I wasn’t aware beforehand that it was a mystery series and that this would be book five in the series to begin with. When I did receive it I did start reading right away, got through half of it in one sitting, actually.

I have had such a bad experience with reading mystery because I always get so frustrated with the main character thinking themselves so much better than the police/authorities. I’m not one to really like amateur sleuths that basically make the investigation worse just by being around the investigation than if they had just left it alone. Not everyone can be the next Ms. Marple or Sherlock Holmes. Just because you call yourself ‘an amateur detective’ doesn’t mean you know anything about proper investigation techniques. So, Honey Driver completely floored me when it turns out that she’s actually working with the police!

Honey Driver is a hotel owner in Bath who recently decided to give the Green River Hotel a makeover. What she didn’t expect was for her interior designer, the famed Philippe Fabiere, to be choked to death by a fancy antique lavatory/toilet handle just a week before he was to be finished. And just as he’s pronounced to have been murdered the full contents of the man’s storeroom have gone missing, including two rather expensive pieces of art that Honey had purchased to be put in her hotel. Fingers start pointing left and right in the interior design profession when it’s discovered that just before he was murdered that Philippe had traces of deadly nightshade in his system.

This book is fun and not the least bit like any of the mystery books I’ve read recently. As liaison to the Bath (UK) Hotels Association with the police Honey has the knowledge in how the hotel and designer worlds run and can give Steve Doherty, the policeman in charge of the case and her partner, a step up in solving the case. And if Doherty happens to be an attractive man with designs to get Honey alone in the fancy St. Margaret’s Court Hotel (that Philippe was redecorating and had been killed in). It’s a complete shame he’s too embarrassed and nervous to ever bring it up in conversation to her.

Even though this was the fifth book in the series, I felt like things could be understood without having read the other four. The changes in perspective don’t let you get too attached to the characters and I’m positive they only matter within that one book. The characters are all distinctive and leave enough of an impression that you start to learn more about them with how much the other characters talk about them. What I saw was that the main characters are the ones that go from book to book and that the individual cases bring in new characters to talk about so it was as if it were the first book for me. Not to mention the murderer turned out to be someone completely unexpected as well as the reason for it.

4.5 out of 5 stars would recommend that you all go out and get this book wherever you can. I’m completely in love with the covers I’ve seen so far and will pick up the other four books at the next opportunity because I definitely want to read more about Honey Driver and the people she associates with and the shenanigans that will more than likely occur. Murder mysteries never looked so appealing to me until this moment.

Happy spoilers,




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