Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


I got Fangirl last year right before I attended BookCon 2014 so that Rainbow Rowell could sign it a couple of days before. The blue green cover attracted me first and the title of it cinched it as something I’d want to read. Even though I got this last year and I got it signed last year I didn’t pick up this book until just recently. I picked it up and started reading it and within two days was done.

The story starts off with Cather “Cath” Avery entering her first semester at college. Nothing much happens within the first couple of chapters except that we’re introduced to all the characters that are going to be in the novel. Cath’s twin sister Wren, her roommate Reagan, Reagan’s best friend-slash-boyfriend Levi, Cath’s father Arthur, Cath’s classmate Nick and so and so forth. We don’t learn much at the beginning about Cath’s family except that she and her sister live with their single father and that Wren wants to live apart from her sister to get some distance after living together for eighteen years.

Nothing happens in this book but for some reason I just couldn’t help putting it down. It took a good week of contemplating before I figured out what exactly attracted me to Cath’s story: her college experiences mirrored mine down to a ridiculous T except that Cath got over her crippling phobia of not leaving her dorm for food, or not talking to other people for weeks at a time. I completely understood how she would stay in bed writing fanfiction for days at a time while Reagan, her sister, and basically all the other college students in her dorm went to parties. Even Cath’s passive aggressive attitude and actions ring bells in my head to things I did and it was funny at first and then just flat out creepy how this girl was just like me.

But because nothing major happens a lot of things are left unanswered for me as a reader. Here’s just a couple of questions I had as I closed the book and put it up on my bookshelf:

  1. Where the heck is Cath’s mother going? She was there one second and just completely disappears when she appeared not two chapters before!
  2. What the heck happened to Nick the library guy? Did he get in trouble? Did he get expelled? Did Professor Piper report him?
  3. Did Cath just not go to school when she decided to stay home during winter break and just mailed her finals to her teachers? Is that actually allowed?
  4. How is it possible for the Simon Snow franchise to exist if Harry Potter already exists in this book? It’s obvious that Simon Snow is just like Harry Potter so I don’t understand how it’s possible for both to coexist. Is Simon Snow more popular than Harry Potter? Are they both equally popular?

Overall, I loved this book because it reminded me of me and I enjoyed the fact that Cath got over her issues (whereas I didn’t). It was something that I could read without having to worry about anything else.


Overall, I would rate this at a 4 stars out of 5. I would recommend it for anyone that doesn’t have anything better to do and doesn’t mind mindless reading. This is a great beach read.

Happy Spoilers,


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