Blood Rose by Danielle Rose


The last book for the month of August that The Book Cove read was Danielle Rose’s Blood Rose, graciously supplied to us. Thank you, Danielle Rose, for the book it was a great read.
It’s been a while since I’ve read any kind of vampire book (at least three-four years) so I started reading this with a grain of salt. The book was quite enjoyable and a very quick read (I managed to read it in one night). My only problem with the book is that it felt like a sequel. It felt like there were bits and pieces missing that would have been relevant for me to understand what was going on at times. It took a while to find out the main character’s name, Avah, (the book is in first person, not my favorite point of view specifically for this reason), and it just felt like I should have known what was supposed to be going around her and the people she was with because they were introduced as if this was knowledge the reader was already supposed to know. Avah seemed a little wishy-washy one second condemning all vampires and not trying to embrace her new vampiric status and the next being all gung-ho about it. Granted I wouldn’t have been able to do the same in her place had I been turned into the undead and basically what I and my family of witches had been trying to get rid of for ages and ages.

I think what I enjoyed the most, aside from the amazing quickness of reading it, were all the names for the characters. I thought the character names were great and unique and not what I was expecting. I’d enjoy reading the second book just to see if the theme of ‘sequel-feel’ would still be in the second book or just to see if I understand Avah more as a character.

Overall I’d rate the book as a 2.5 out of 5 because it felt like a sequel. I will re-read it again to go back to the parts that confused me and edit my scoring (if it changes). I look forward to reading more of Danielle Rose’s Avah character but for now I’m happy enough to leave it where it is.


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