Bloodlines by Lindsay Anne Kendal


I’d like to thank Lindsay Anne Kendal for offering us the book Bloodlines for our club to review in September.

The book started off introducing us to two of the main characters Keira and Lily. Keira is in Salem, Mass in order to find some more information as to the origins of the magical power she got when she was ten years old. She goes around Old Salem and immediately the locals hate her and Lily because they’re new comers and the town is basically still superstitious about all the witchcraft days. They manage to find the house of Keira’s ancestor and only Keira is able to go in. She’s pretty fearless and manages to go inside and then immediately the door closes behind her like a scene from a horror movie. I was a bit annoyed and yelled a little about the fact that it seemed like she’d never seen a horror movie and did all the wrong things that always got a character killed in them, but then I later figured out that Keira is pretty badass and can take care of herself just fine without anyone to rescue her. We get introduced to Jake, Lucian, Tristan, and Danny, who turn out to also have magic powers and had been the ones that were calling Keira to come visit Salem in the first place in order to get her to help them cure their fathers from some mysterious illness that had befallen all of them.
I absolutely loved the story. Once I ignored that it did sound a little British here and there and once I paid attention to what was going on I rather liked the story and how it was going. Lily is the kind of friend everyone should have in their corner. She’s supportive and so full of love for her friends that it’s hard to imagine how a person could live without someone like her in their lives. Keira is the strong-willed person that protects everyone and wants to keep everyone safe no matter the consequences to herself.
Overall I enjoyed the action scenes and would like to see more fight scenes in the later books. I’d give this book a 4/5 and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys strong female characters, a little romance, a little magic, and jaw dropping scenes that would make you question why certain things happened when there’s still a good chunk of book left to read. You know not to think that everything is rainbows and unicorns when the book still has fifty pages left or to think that everything is over when you’re still rooting for something to be different.

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