Bookburners Episode 1 by Max Gladstone

This is my first time reading a serial and I’m so glad I started with something like this. Bookburners brings back memories of watching the TNT Librarian movies along with reading the Robert Langdon books. It reminds me of eating lunch at my grandma’s house while listening to the soap operas on the radio (we lived in Dominican Republic and radio serials were a big deal when I was seven years old and living in the countryside). It reminds me of watching a really good episode of a tv show that I really loved and being upset I couldn’t watch all the episodes one after the other (thank you, Netflix, for making that possible for binge-watchers!).

Bookburners ultimately would get four stars out of five from me because I read it mostly on my lunch break and was a little shocked there wasn’t more. I’m happy to see that more episodes have been written and I’ll make sure to catch up soon. It was definitely like reading a tv episode and I’d love to go back into this world to see how Det. Brooks is handling being part of what is basically modern day Indiana Jones, or Librarians, or Vatican treasure seekers/keepers. I want to know what happens with Perry. I want to see more of Grace, Liam, and Menchu. The characters were engaging and it’s obvious they all have their stories to tell.

The Kindle file I had was either not meant to be read on an iPhone or was just really bad formatting, which at times made it difficult to figure out who was talking or if time had passed between one sentence and the next. The episode was a super quick read and I would recommend it to fans of The Librarians tv show, to fans of The DaVinci Code, to fans of Supernatural; generally to fans of supernatural fantasy serials. I look forwards to reading the rest of the season between my other lunch breaks.

My copy of Bookburners was provided byNetgalley for an honest review.


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