I’m Alive and Well




It’s been a literal year since I last posted on my blog and for that I’m truly sorry! Depression is a hell of a drug! (insert sad laugh track here). But don’t you worry, my lovely book aficionados, I am once again back at it! This time I have a schedule and a theme going for more consistent posting. Read below to see what my schedule will look like starting June of this year!

Starting Monday June 5th I’ll be posting for what I like to call “Middle Grade Monday.” “Middle Grade Monday” consists of a review of a middle grade book I have recently read. If I don’t review a book for a Monday then I’ll probably post about the middle grade book I’ll be reading for the next Monday schedule. So, that’s approximately four book reviews for the month of June to look forward to!

I will then continue with another post that my friend has helpfully named “Whodunit Wednesday” on June 7th. “Whodunit Wednesday” is for my reviews on mystery books and non-fiction books about crimes. Mysteries are either hit or miss for me so I’ll only be posting two reviews a month for this theme. June 7th and June 21st are the dates to look forward for the mystery reviews and hopefully I find some mysteries to keep me entertained enough that I can expand this theme more frequently.

The last and final theme for my comeback will be “Flashback/Flash-forward Friday”! It’s exactly what the tin says… more or less. I’ll be reviewing books that were published before 2010 or books that are not set in modern times. On the flip side I’ll also be reviewing some sci-fi not set in this century or if it’s set in this century not set in this year. It shouldn’t be too hard to find books for this theme and the first post will go up June 9th (my birthday, yay!). Much like “Middle Grade Monday” the Friday theme will be updated more frequently since I have a ton of books to get through.

Sometimes the themes will most definitely interlock and if it happens I’ll choose one day to post for both themes. For example, if I happen to read a mystery set in the 1800s then I’ll post the review on Friday and not post a “Whodunit” on Wednesday. Essentially what I’m trying to do is to have at least two posts per week. If I happen to post any other day of the week that isn’t Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, then it’ll essentially be to update why I won’t be posting or to do some random review that won’t be part of the themes. I’m hoping this year will be productive for me and I’ll try my very best to keep to the themes and plans.

In other news, Yari, from Wait, What??!! and I have started a Booktube channel! We don’t have many videos but we’ve enjoyed what we’ve done so far. Our Booktube is called Tangled Up In Books and we generally don’t have a set schedule for posting; it mostly happens when we’re both not too busy and remember to edit videos. We also post a lot on social media so if you don’t see a post from me on here then it’s possible I’ve posted something on one of the social platforms. My Instagram is warning.spoileralert and I post what I’m currently reading on it a lot or my newest book purchase.

Until the next time I post, which will hopefully be soon, and more than likely be about my trip to Bookcon 2017 and all the goodies I’m probably going to get there. Bookcon 2017 is June 3rd and 4th and I’ll be accompanied by Yari and our other friends.

Later book nerds,
Carleny 🙂


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