The Infinity Ring by James Dashner

Middle Grade

Hello and welcome to my first ever post for Middle-Grade Monday! So, I just came from an awesome time at BookCon 2017 and as my Instagram posts probably show I had a blast! I won’t bore you with the details but I’ll probably post a link to our Book Haul sometime soon either to Twitter or Instagram. Now to get started on the review for The Infinity Ring: A Mutiny in Time by James Dashner.


So, the book starts off by hitting us with a bunch of details about history from our two lovely main characters Dak Smyth and Sera Froste who are 11-year-old elementary schoolers and how ‘The SQ’ flag is being flown outside of Dak’s house as opposed to the 48-starred US flag that most people are used to. Essentially it starts off with the wrong history: the capital is Philadelphia and the Smithsonian Museum is there not to mention that the Roman Empire fell, rose, and fell again. At first, I was super confused as to what year it was set in since it started off mentioning the little detail about the flag only having 48 stars as opposed to the 50 I’m used to; I honestly thought it was set in the mid-1950s but that was quickly dashed when even more details cropped up about things that did not happen in real life.

Then I was hit with a multitude of information about things called Remnants which is basically the feeling that something should have existed or happened that really didn’t (a more debilitating form of deja-vu perhaps?). Sera suffers from these little lapses of time and she explains it as being painful and leaving her with a deep sense of loss every time it happens, which isn’t that often throughout the book. After that we learn that Dak’s parents are trying to build a time machine and that there exists a group of people called the Hystorians (yeah, I cringed a little from the spelling but I was hoping it was part of the odd names of the characters). The Hystorians basically keep the world from ending in what they call The Cataclysm that has slowly been happening since time ‘broke’ back in Aristotle’s time. Sera and Dak must go back in time with the help of the 16-year-old Hystorian Riq, a linguistics prodigy, while doing their best to escape from the SQ thugs trying to stop them and bringing forth The Cataclysm.

O Jogo

Overall, I would give this book a 3/5 stars mostly because there were so many things left unanswered and I suppose it has to do with trying to get you to get the new book in the series, entirely written by a different author, in an entire different timeline. My dislike mostly stems from not knowing what SQ stands for and that I found the adults in the book to be a little boring and unimaginative compared to the kids. I probably won’t be reading the next book in the series anytime soon but I’ll probably pick it up just so I know what happens to the kids throughout history. Not to mention the books come with fun maps and little secret codes that let you play what I consider ‘side missions’ on the computer in the quest to set time to rights as well as finding Dak’s parents throughout history. (I was most excited about the secret compartment that I wasn’t allowed to open until I finished the book).

Happy reading and stay tuned for the next post Whodunit Wednesday where I talk about my frustration in trying to find a killer before the narrator does!

Until next time book nerds,

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